Playlist: Bliss2024

This is a collection of songs extracted from the interviews conducted for the project "Playing Between the Known and the Unknown" during the Bliss Summit 2024 in Nosara, Costa Rica. If you were part of Bliss and want to include a song in the playlist, send it to us.✨Enjoy!✨

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  • Obi Nwosu (Never Enough-Loren Allred/I See Fire-Ed Sheeran)
  • Alejandro Bacamann (Symphony No.9-Beethoven)
  • Christian Freitag (Bird Song-Greatful Dead)
  • Tina Nabatchi (Anything by RATM)
  • Margarita Herdocia (My Way-Frank Sinatra)
  • Leopoldo López (Patria-Ruben Blades)
  • Miles Suter (Tulips-Bloc Party)
  • Elaha Mahboob (Easy On Me-Adele)
  • Felipe Montoya (By The Rivers Dark-Leonard Cohen)
  • Victor Navarro (Movimiento-Jorge Drexler)
  • Gabriel Baeza (Starálfur-Sigur Rós)
  • Anaïse Kanimba (Three Little Birds-Bob Marley)
  • Carine Kanimba (Bailar Contigo-Carlos Vives)
  • Max Reynolds (Goodnight, Travel Well-The Killers)
  • Ingrid Castro (Celebra La Vida-Axel)
  • Caroline Reynolds (Silver Lining-Mt. Joy/Grace Kelly-Mika)
  • Tom Otoole (Thunder-Imagine Dragons)
  • Felix Maradiaga (Gracias a la Vida-Mercedes Sosa)
  • Celine Boustani (Bohemian Rapsody-Queen)
  • Claudia Elena Vazquez (La Tierra del Olvido-Carlos Vives/Cumbiana-Carlos Vives/Tu Amor Eterno-Carlos Vives)
  • Carlos A. Vives R. (Quiero Verte Sonreír-Carlos Vives)
  • Monika Estrada (Y Sin Embargo-Joaquín Sabina)
  • Michelle González (Eclipse-João Gilberto)
  • Marianela Calvo J (Change-Blind Melon)

✨This is a collaboration between the DemoLab, Instant Karma, Marianela Calvo J and Michelle González.✨
Last week we had the honor of being invited to participate in the Bliss Summit of the Demo Lab in Nosara, Costa Rica, with a photography project.

The theme and conversation of the summit revolved around democracy, freedom, and the development of different solutions to certain problems that affect us all. The people with whom we were able to share had very valuable qualities and stories that inspired and enriched us in many ways.

Our project is called "Playing between the Known and the Unknown." It consists of capturing the known aspects of people through a portrait, and then, through a brief interview, discovering a little about their unknown inner world.

It was very inspiring to hear the stories, motivations, feelings, and perspectives of so many people whom we admire greatly. Seeing how, despite the tough moments they have experienced, they continue to collaborate with hope and continue to share their light with others with a grateful, kind, and generous heart.

We realized that exposing our stories and ideas is of utmost importance. It is a way of planting seeds that can motivate others to take action, to collaborate, and to continue building a reality that offers a collective future: prosperous, strong, and free. We are very excited to continue creating.

Thank you very much Demo Lab for this incredible opportunity.


Here are some moments from Bliss Summit 2024 we captured using a SQ1 and SQ6 Instax Square cameras by Fuji, with the rainbow instax square film. =)

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