Mint InstantKon RF70


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InstantKon RF70

A camera that offers full control, but also very easy to use.

InstantKon RF70 is designed to let the photographer take control. With ordinary instant cameras, the camera controls you. With MiNT cameras, you control the camera. RF70 is the only WIDE format camera that offers full manual control - shutter speed, aperture, and focus. With full controls and an enormous film format, it doesn't take a pro to capture the most stunning moments.


RF70 product shots


Keep Instant Photography Alive MINT CAMERA


AUTO or MANUAL. It's up to you.
Auto and manual are present in the same camera. If you want more control, choose manual. Or you could just use auto to let the camera do everything for you.



Sensational depth-of-field you can control.

Six apertures for you to choose from. The largest aperture is f/5.6 (35mm equivalent: f/2.4). Combined with the enormous film format, it will give you phenomenal bokeh. RF70 gives you the shallowest depth-of-field among all instant cameras except special mods.


Results of different aperture


Control the exact amount of light you need.

You can choose from 14 shutter speed settings, giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose what kind of picture you want. With controls in an instant camera, you will know how your picture turns out before it actually develops, saving you a lot of film and time. With the array of speed settings, you can shoot in the dark, in the daytime, with or without flash. No matter which way the sun is shining, you will still be able to get a desirable picture.


Results of corresponding shutter speed on Time Machine under same circumstance


All you need in an instant camera, carefully packed in one foldable body:

_ Built-in flash for nighttime or fill flash
_ Real intuitive mechanical rangefinder for easy focusing
_ LCD display for manual shooting tips
_ Beautiful eject lever for unlimited multiple exposures
_ B or T mode for up to 10 minutes long exposure
_ Light meter for detecting ambient light
_ Neutral density filters for bright sunlight
_ 2.5mm audio jack for triggering external studio flash

_ Tripod socket for standard tripods
_ Threaded shutter button for standard cable releases

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Mint InstantKon RF70
Mint InstantKon RF70
Mint InstantKon RF70

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